v2.04 / 2014-05-04

Ground Course – new !

myATO manages ground courses list and contents, sessions, classrooms and student enrolment.

  • Ground Course and content are managed in such a way that your CGI can easily manage all Ground Courses of your organization.
  • A ground course session puts together :
    • a selected ground course
    • all dates per topics
    • the instructors per date
    • classroom per date
    • students with selected content


  • Added a “copy” button to duplicate trainings.
    This is useful for instance to create an FAA training based on an existing EASA training.
  • Upon saving flight details, the current windows remains opened.
  • Times on flight details page are accepted on different formats to ease and fasten data input.

There are few samples below:

Input Treated as
12:34 12:34
1:23 1:23
1234 12:34
123 1:23
12.3 12:18


  • Flight has been greatly improved, providing all details regarding flights, instructor duties and multi-currency expenses.
  • A new “Instruction Report” has been created to list all flight performed for an instructor in a selected date range.


  • Added a year selector filter to the Inspection list Bug fixes
  • Corrected different minor bug fixes