v2.06 / 2014-07-12


  • User list has been re-organized by tabs to improve visibility
  • On “details” tabs, added the possibility to create “VCF” card to download user’s details
  • Attended courses listed on a new “Course” tab, as per training
  • User’s logbook available listing all flight activity

Ground Course

  • Added a filter to show selected session only, ie active
  • Course code is shown on different list Added link to user to provide more details on students
  • Added another CSV extract to ease qualintra survey preparation


  • When a user training is updated, the student, his coach and the back office receive now an automated email


  • Logbook available for each aircraft, listing all flights

Bug fixes

  • Ground course location now sorted by name
  • Owner dropdown content list corrected for Inspection and Audit
  • On user training flight, grand total is now computed as such : SIM + DC + PIC
  • … and many minor bug corrected