v2.12 / 2015-03-12

NEW !! – Duty time management

  • myATO provides a complete new module to manage duty time and limitations
    • daily pilot report to enter day to day activity (flight time, duty and work hours)
    • automated monthly EASA report listing pilot activity
  • When applicable, error messages are displayed to ensure data quality


  • Occurrence Report can be saved on a PDF report to ease external communication


  • Finding can now be assigned to a person with a due date
    Up to him to decide with action shall be performed
  • A finding can not be closed untill all related actions are closed
  • Together with a Level, a number of days to fixe an item if defined
    Due dates can therefor not be defined beyond a given date
  • Audit items have a clearer status to ease follow-up
  • New filter for inspections

User document expiry

  • a URL link, part of the email reminder, gives the opportunity to communicate files

User training

  • Student list provides short contact details and Deadline list so that instructor no longuer need access to user list for confidentiallity