v2.13 / 2015-08-07

Calendar – NEW !!!

  • With this drag & drop calendar, visually manage your activities
  • Pilot can book airplane
  • Rosters can be defined with associated crew. With the Roster Calendar, define and publish duties for the weeks, months, …
  • Operation is moving fast. Manage flights, airplane and crews in clicks
  • Course Calendar fully integrated with the course module


  • a new menu provides the capability to search users per qualification. Let’s say you need a captain / instructor allows to proceed Courchevel, who can do this …? Here we are
  • Added emergency contact information


  • Created “Hazard Identification” report. This way, risks assessment can be performed before a case (Hazard Identification) and / or when a case occurs (Occurrence Report)
  • Definition of Safety Board member with PDF report
  • Added risk assessment on occurrence report and hazard identification report before and after a case for trend analysis


  • Definition of auditor list with PDF report
  • Definition of inspector list with PDF report
  • Added “Action Taken” on todo’s and finding for better documentation
  • Added risk assessment on finding before and after a case for trend analysis


  • Course session fully integrated with the calendar. Reschedule courses by draging it on the calendar
  • Download iCal file to publish and share course schedules


  • added a new “config” module to ease customization. Each client can personalize myATO even deeper