v2.16 / 2016-04-23


  • New user interface to collect and present additionnal aircraft details (documents, checklist, MEL, CAMO, MRO, …).
  • New entries for maintenance (date, hours, landing) including margins and automated overdue warning.
  • New aircraft PDF report according to EASA requirements (FOCA approved).

Get details here


  • Add an “Order No” to user expiry list allowing customers to pre-define on which way expiry items will be listed for each user
    (i.e. medical shown first, then licenses, etc …)


  • When recording a training flight, instructors can now record their expense indicating the payement mode.
  • Instructor can now create a PDF report for given period showing duty time and expense to be refund (see paiement mode details below).
  • Improved navigation between training details and student list.
  • Added course and training revision numbers showing exactly syllabi version for each trainee.
  • Automated extract to ease FOCA stats, let’s do it in 20′ only !!


  • Work report so that team member can trace work activities filtered by project, date etc ..


  • NEW : Emergency Contact List including a PDF report is now completely generated by myATO. Read safety details here.
    As changes occur on a regular basis, not only the correct information is available anywhere / anytime but PDF report can be located on each plane.


  • Added filter on audit template to list “active audit template” only.
  • Audit template reference fields were too small. This can now record much longuer text.
  • It is now possible to attach files or links to inspection to document SAFA check for instance.
  • Added the possibility to remove an audit assuming there is no finding and no remaining audit idem.


  • On the “Flight List” report listing typically flight remaining to bill for a given period, the filter is now much more selective
    allowing finance people to fine tune filter parameters saving them a lot of time.
  • Added a “payment mode” list (i.e. cash, credit card). This is used on training record (see above)

Bug fixes

  • Several small issues corrected.