v2.19 / 2017-01-15


A great new feature added on this release !!!

myATO records trainings details down to the exercices level providing not only a list of exercices to be performed but also a checklist to ensure that each exercices defined on a syllabus is effectively performed

Update the training template and add exercices for each training session

On the “Training” – “Training List” menu, select a training¬† (SR22 VFR on this documentation) and go on the session level.
Then for each session, add required exercices

Check required exercices while briefing

While briefing a training session with a student, check required exercices.
Completed exercices performed on previous sessions will be tick marked

Record completed exercices

After flight, when recording the debrief, select each exercices completed from a drop-down list.

Completed exercice overview

To get an overview, use the new “Exercices” tab.

Note that exercices with an associated tick-mark when completed is also part of the PDF training report.

Bug fixes

  • Several small issues corrected enhancing performance and user’s experience