v2.21 / 2017-11-15

Document management

This brand new feature allows organizations to manage document cycle with ease. Fully integrated with the compliance module, team members will contribute to documents till publication.

The typical document life cycle is completely automated

Next Pending Effective Archive

Naturally, PDF reports can be generated to share document overview across the organization

User – expiry list

On user’s expiry list, each of the expiry can have a specific “Nbre of Days Reminder” which is used for automated weekly reminders. This way, for all users, expiry notifications can be fine tuned.

For instance, an organization may decide to set reminder differently, such as:

– 90 days for medicals
– 90 days for licenses
– 30 days for site qualifications


The flight training  follow-up is event better. Feedback can record details down to the exercise level with a grading and a full text. This way, exercise performed during a flight session can be log even when they should be repeated. Only sufficient grading will mark the exercise as completed.

A new tab has been added to list the training logbook in a chronological way

Operations – Airport

myATO contains thousands of worldwide airports with many details.

This is used for the operations schedule. On the document tab, relationship between an airport and required qualification is made. Therefor, when a crew is sent to a given airport, at a given date, a verification is made that at that time the crew is (still) qualified to proceed to this airport.

For commercial operations, airport are registered into different categories.

Safety – Occurrence and Hazard reports

When a report is recorded, it might have to be reported withing few days to NAA. To implement this, a new report needs to marked as “received” by a Safety Board member. Until that, a daily reminder is sent to board members.

Once marked “received”, the reporter can no longer modify his report.

Also, a “send an email” tick mark has been added so that board member receive an email notification only when relevant. This is of course not available for the reporter.

Bug fixes

  • Several small issues corrected enhancing performance and user’s experience
  • Issues on calendar fixed